Our Beer, Brewhouse & Tap 

We really love beer, a really wide range of beer, beer for all occasions.

Our core range uses British malts, many from Yorkshire-grown barley, and a base of British hops accentuated by fine Continental hops as appropriate in our mission to create a superb flavour experience. 

Each Sentinel beer is artisan-brewed in-house to the highest standards, without compromise. We blend our own take on classic styles with novel innovation in an effort to create inspiring and drinkable beers.

Core beer Range

SB Sheffield Bitter 3.3%
SBB Sheffield Best Bitter 4.4%
PvO Czech Pivo 4.6%
cK Cologne-Style Kolsch 4.8%
Ar American Red 5.2%
IPA India Pale Ale 6.5%
SG Summer Gold 4%
ZF Zest Fest 4.5%


RRG Rhubarb Rosehip Gose 3.4%

Seasonal Cask ales

SP Sentinel Porter 5.5%
DM Diable Mild 4.0%
ESB ExtraSheffield Bitter 5.5% 
OS Orange Stout 4.2%
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