Naming Philosophy

All our beers have a 2 or 3-letter name that stand for the beer’s defining style or features. This practice harks back to a long-standing tradition amongst British brewers which died out as marketeers began to strive for image above all. We prefer to spend our time preparing recipes and brewing rather than seeking out increasingly obscure names.

Lowdown on Growlers

‘Growler’ is the nickname for a large bottle or can for taking your beer home, fresh from the brewery. It is said to derive from the ‘growl’ made by Carbon Dioxide forcing up the lid of an old galvanised can on the route home. Simply choose from our rotating selection of up to 8 draught beers. 

Limited Edition Beers

Watch out for our limited edition range of hand-bottled, bottle-conditioned beers, brewed once only by hand in small batches to scratch our brewers’ creative itches or to just go crazy with our friends from the International brewing community.