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Thanksgiving Dinner

Sentinel and The Wing Kings are proud to announce our Thanksgiving Banquet Dinner!

Date – Thursday 23rd November, 2017 Time – 7pm seating, Food served 7:30pm

The Event

Granted, Thanksgiving is a holiday which is celebrated by our friends on the other side of the Atlantic, there’s no reason we cannot take part in the food festivities! We will be putting together an amazing night of a traditional southern style thanksgiving meal, with all the “fixins” and side items! This will be a meal not to be missed, as well as live music supplied by a special secret guest! Book your seats by going to our website and signing up!


Adults - 3 courses £22.00/ 2 courses £15.00 Children 3 courses 15.00/ 2 courses £10.00



SALMON AND CREAM CHEESE BALL WITH ALFREDO SAUCE. Salmon chopped up with cream cheese, herbs, spices and garlic, rolled into balls, breaded in seasoned panko and deep fried to perfection. Sat on a bed of creamy Alfredo Sauce.


TURKEY, DRESSING (stuffing), SWEET POTATO CASSEROLE, GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE, MASH AND GRAVY, GARLIC BROCCOLI. We brine a whole Turkey for two days in salted water, onions and herbs to ensure the juicy meat that will be cooked to perfection. This soul food plate will have your souls very happy! If you’ve never had green bean casserole and you don’t like green beans, this here is a game changer! Homemade gravy will be served in a gravy bowl as an extra indulgence. You deserve it! It’s a celebration remember?!


PECAN PIE WITH A BOURBON REDUCTION SAUCE. A luxurious treat! Only a small slice will hit the spot perfectly with a drizzle of the Bourbon reduction sauce (cream alternative for the kids).